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What I What to Talk About Is….



I am writer. Since I first started journaling at age 12, I have found writing to be freeing and educating. If I haven’t written about a subject, it means that I don’t understand it fully yet. If I am writing about a subject, it means that I am attempting to organize my thoughts, focus my mind, and settle my beliefs. I may not always get it right, but I will try. These are the ramblings, the thoughts, the musings, of an evolving woman, living life & being herself.

I’m just me—love to laugh, love to hang out with friends and family, love to do outdoor stuff like hike, bike, run, or anything adventurous, love to play/listen to music, love good movies & plays, love God and the Bible, love good food, love to shop for clothes and books, love to read, learn, and write, love Germany’s soccer and food, and love life.

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